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  • What is the International Meeting?
    Every two to three years, members of Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL) from around the world gather together to share in the fruits of the movement. Although we share a common goal to meet Christ, the fruits of the movement are different according to the realities of each country. The International Meeting invites us all to discover our own identity with the goal of mutual enrichment, and a more perfect communion through Christ, who reveals Himself to all. As young adults, the I.M. provides an opportunity for us to find renewal in our spiritual search of our faith, to discover life in a team, and to get to know YTOL. The purpose of the event is to unite with our brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world who are involved with YTOL: young adults, married couples, clergy, and religious life. During the week of the meeting, people gather to listen to talks, participate in Mass & adoration together, partake in small groups, and enjoy fellowship through a bond that is stronger than any language barrier – our faith in Christ and intercession through Our Blessed Mother. It is an opportunity to grow spiritually together with people from throughout the world who; although come from diverse backgrounds, unique cultures, and speak different languages; have the most important thing in our lives in common – our Catholic faith. DIVERSIFIED, yet UNIFIED -- just like our Holy Roman Catholic Church!
  • Who is eligible to attend?
    The I.M. is open to single (unmarried) young adults who are 18 to 35 years old. Young adults do NOT have to be a member of YATOL to attend; nor must they be Catholic. They simply need to be open to the Catholic faith / going through the RCIA program, the YATOL movement, and to the activities that will take place during the I.M. Those young adults who are interested in attending the International Meeting should be within the parameters of eligibility to join the YATOL Movement itself. Please contact the National Secretariat Team for further information on this. Teams of Our Lady couples who are on YATOL teams and priests involved with the YATOL movement are also eligible to attend.
  • When & where is the next one?
    Here in the U.S.A.! We are hosting the next I.M. in Boston, Massachusetts from July 7-13, 2024 at Gordon College. Please see the link below to register!
  • Where can I get more information?
    When: July 7-13, 2024 Where: Boston, Massachusetts {Gordon College} Theme: Luke 2:19 - And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart. {Conferens in corde suo}❤ What happens at the I.M.?: Mass, Adoration, talks, workshops, countries present about their culture, & dancing! Cost:$500, includes transportation to & from the Boston Logan International Airport to Gordon College, accommodations including linens, food, I.M. t-shirt, a welcome bag, & the chance to experience the Universal Church! {Cost does not include your flight. You must purchase your flight on your own. Also, in the past, the hosting country would coordinate an additional week of tourism. We will not be coordinating that this year due to the high cost of packages available. We encourage you to plan tourism experiences with your friends!} Registration deadline: May 15, 2024 First payment deadline: January 31, 2024 {$100 deposit, nonrefundable} So, you're ready?! 1. Use the link in the bio to register with our Google form. {If you are viewing this from Facebook, copy and paste this link} 2. Mark your calendar for the first payment deadline of January 31st. We will release details soon about the easiest way to make that first payment if you are from America. If you are from another country, you must speak with your own country. 3. Tell your friends & start shopping for flights! Can't wait to see you all! Our Lady, Queen of Teams, pray for us! Email us with any questions! Follow us Instagram @yatolusa & @ytolintlmeeting
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